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Property ID : 1098
Title : #1098 - Great Commercial Opportunity - Formerly a Bethesda Medical Center and Inter-American Medical University - Santa Rita Hill, Corozal, Belize

Agent :
Location : Corozal
Type : Commercial
Price : USD $375,000
BZD $750,000
Construction : Concrete
Featured : yes
Property Views : 15045
Property Contact : 23

Description :

Property Description:

FORMERLY BETHESDA MEDICAL CENTER (BMC) & INTER-AMERICAN MEDICAL                                                   UNIVERSITY (IMU)

The Property:

Situated along the main Philip Goldson Highway in the Village of Paraiso in the Santa Rita Hilltop, Corozal District, Belize. This property is located ideally in a prime commercial area of Corozal. Just a few minutes by car to the center of town. The property contains two buildings. The main building formerly the Bethesda Medical Center (BMC) is divided into 7 Administration Units, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 12 exam rooms. The IMU is divided into 12 school rooms, 1 school hall, 1 computer lab, 2 school bathrooms, 1 large classroom, 1 study hall, 1 medical storage room. The exterior walls are concrete cement blocks and the roof is concrete. The roof on the main building requires extensive repairs throughout. The floor is poured concrete covered with cement tiles. Windows are glass. Interior doors are hollow core. The area of the building covers approximately 6,085 square feet. The ancillary building is built of a poured concrete foundation and cement block exterior walls. This building is in good condition. It was used as a lecture hall and storage. The total area of this building is 1,333 square feet.


Water: BWSL

Septic System: Yes (in working condition)

Services: Can be connected

Internet/Telephone: BTL and SMART

Electric: Belize Electricity Limited

Legal Description

Parcel Size: 7.88 acres

Size of main building (1 story) = 6,085 square feet

Size of secondary building = 1,333 square feet

Total = 7,418 square feet

Parcel No: 3879

Block: 1

Registration Section: Corozal North

Title Instrument No: LRS-200802002

This property is well elevated above the sea-level.

AARP LIKES COROZAL IN BELIZE AS TOP RETIREMENT DESTINATION (read   article August 11, 2010)  Association of American Retirement                             People Magazine

Coming into Belize by road through Mexico gives you the splendid opportunity to enter the small metropolis that is Belize's northernmost district - Corozal. Traditionally the heart of the country's sugar growing and processing industry, Corozal today is also well-known for its Free Zone, sprawling housing development favored by expats and low cost of living.

The property is ideally situated in the fast developing town and growing expat community of Corozal District.Corozal Town continues to be a convenient base for day trips to Chetumal, the capital of Mexico's southern state of Quintana Roo which is nine miles away, or for excursions to the Mayan ruins and beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula.
San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize' most popular destination for scuba divers and snorkelers, is only 20-25 minutes by air from the Ranchito, Corozal airstrip. It's 90 miles from Belize City to Corozal by land, a comfortable two-hour ride by road; buses run daily. Corozal is located between two scenic rivers, the New River and Rio Hondo, with its fair share of Maya ruins, snorkeling, swimming and fly fishing attractions. A two hour water taxi ride will take you to Ambergris Caye from Corozal Town.

Corozal - Best Retirement Destination

Corozal is Belize's fourth largest populated district, with 20,335 residents. and home to a growing community of North American and European retirees. In 2010 the American Association of Retired Persons, the AARP, ranked Corozal a top retirement destination. The article describes Corozal:  "Squeezed between Mexico's Yucatan coast and Guatemala to the south, sparsely populated Belize is a Central American paradise, with tropical jungle flora, endless white beaches, an aquamarine Caribbean sea, some of the world's best reefs for snorkelers, world-class fishing, Mayan ruins, and even casinos.

"Most expats settle either on the largest island, Ambergris Caye, or in the Corozal District on the mainland's northern tip. Ambergris Caye has the up scale restaurants and condos, including million-dollar properties. It can be as expensive as South Florida (Leonardo Di Caprio bought an island west of Ambergris Caye).

"The Corozal district, a few miles' drive from the Mexican border, is far more affordable. Corozal expats live a laid-back life, with year-round outdoor play (boating, hiking, swimming, diving), but are still only minutes from the malls and cineplexes of Chetumal, the capital of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo."

Another interesting view of Corozal comes from an American retiree who now calls Corozal home.

He writes: "When we first visited Corozal in May 1998, my wife decided that she wanted to live here. It was hot and dry in May, and the town was in the economic doldrums, but we still loved it. The bay front reminded me of Santa Monica. Corozal is a sleepy little 3rd-world town, vaguely reminiscent of a small Mexican border town like Naco or Aqua Prietta on the Arizona-Mexico border. The cars are mostly used, the roads are mostly beat-up, and the town generally looks like it could use a coat of paint. Lately, the town is benefiting from some new income (from the Free Zone) and the main streets are starting to look more presentable." (Contributed)

Description: Getting There:

Corozal is easy to reach by road or by air. From Belize City it is a two-hour drive. Belizeís domestic airlines offers flights daily between Corozal, San Pedro and Belize City. If you are traveling overland from Mexico you can cross the border by bus or car to reach Corozal. Car rentals and bus service are both available, however, most lodges provide transfer service and can pick up visitors from anywhere in Belize.


Explore Corozal, the northern-most district of Belize. Beyond the emerald green waters of the bay, Corozal has much to offer. Four thousand years ago during the Maya Pre-classic periods, Corozal was an important seaport ruled by the Maya Cacique, Na Chan Kan. It survived the Mayan civilizationís decline and the European conquest of the new world. In the 1800ís, Corozal became home to refugees of the Yucatanís Caste Wars. Then, as now, people have found peace, tranquility and relaxation in Corozal. The Corozal Free Zone is one of the newest attractions in the area for those seeking opportunities in business and industry.

The rich history and people (Mayan, Mestizo, East Indian, Chinese, Creole, and Garifuna) make Corozal an interesting place, of great diversity and culture. From Corozal Town the main center if activity in the district, you can visit fascinating Maya villages, rich culture, rivers and waterways teeming with wildlife and the enchanting Corozal Bay, a sanctuary for manatees with inviting waters for swimming, sailing and other water sports. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of Belize and its rich, diverse culture, come to Corozal.

Do It All From Corozal:

Imagine spending the morning discovering the ancient civilization of the Maya and the Santa Rita and Cerros. Temples, ball courts and some mounds have been covered with jungle growth for centuries. Listen to the sounds of the birds and feel the mystery of this sacred land as you walk through the trails. The afternoon offers many options. Take a boat ride along the New River, Rio Hondo and wetlands to experience the flora and fauna of the district, including crocodiles, ocelots, manatees and birds. Go further and marvel at the beds of water lilies on the lagoon. On your way back explore the banks of the river for tropical plants and the delicate orchids that hang from the trees. You may choose to visit one of the many Maya villages nearby where traditions are still alive or join a local fiesta.

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